Wordless Wednesday – January 21, 2015



11 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – January 21, 2015

      • Had a few days of storm here at the old ranch, same old stuff: haiku is too rigid and I use cheap digital tricks on my photos, that sort of stuff .. but all’s calm on the western front right now 😉 And I’ve been trying to clear out some old junk and edit other stuff on my blogs … I’ve got to come up with something for Saturday morning … But I did like how that photo came out …

        Hope you’re doing well … I’ve been seeing that you’ve not had a lot of time to write … btw did you miss the Sogi prompt or just decide to put it off?

      • Oh, I did the Sogi prompt….that’s the lobster tank one. 🙂


        Just a lot going on here too. Dog is taking another turn for the worse; kid and hubby are grouchy; I’ve had another stomach ailment and am feeling totally uninspired. Fighting to stay focused on writing — afraid if I stop for a day I’ll stop for a long while. And that’s bad news. 😦

        Sorry about the storms there. Very sad when they don’t understand and have to say crap like that. Which is why I do NOT share what I do with the hubby here. Sad, but that’s the way it is.

        And hey — what’s wrong with “cheap digital tricks”? You’re an artist, not a journalist 🙂

      • Of course I did read the lobster tank one … not used to seeing you as Paloma yet I guess. I know what you mean about stopping for a day. I’ve been trying to at least put up the Morning Haiku … and to tell the truth, the cold has brought me down .. whatever you do sweet lady don’t disappear on me … please!

        I don’t share my stuff with hubby, but I work in a common area and he sees some of my stuff … I made the mistake once of talking to him about haiku … and it doesn’t matter to him that I’ve got a lot of “normal” poetry to my name … it’s all haiku to him.

        He wrote one frakking poem in his life … and that’s all he can talk about … his one poem which is the paragon of all the poems in the world! He also used to take photographs and develop his own stuff in Black and White. Like thirty years ago … before my time actually.

        We went to see a photographic exhibition the other day … really great photographer and I could see how some of my stuff isn’t half bad thanks to seeing her work … afterwards he raved at how good her work was and then came out with the “cheap digital tricks” that I use … she’d put up B&W (actually dark Chocolate and white) photos and he’d thought she’d darkroomed … I could see some of the “cheap digital tricks” that I use … I told him that she’d used her computer to process and he had to admit at one point that he realized that yes, she had. But then he came off with … “But you can see she knows how to create composition and knows how to use perspective, besides I’m sure she has full command of her camera, unlike yours” but then why don’t I have a reflex? … anyway .. one gets the feeling that whatever I do is just crap as far as he’s concerned. 😦

      • Wow. Those comments of his are just plain pathetic! Good gravy. I’m glad, though, that you can SEE how she’s actually editing digitally — that you can SEE that you’re a good photographer and artist.

        My hubby isn’t all that eloquent about it — but with the artwork he could see it was always, “well …. that part should be thicker / fuller / darker / thinner / lighter / smoother / smaller / bigger ….” or whatever. It was never QUITE right. To be a good artist you have to be a super-realist. And he doesn’t care for novels that aren’t based on true stories. And he doesn’t “get” poetry at all.

        But in the end – regardless of HOW the guys do it — they DO make us feel about the same in the end.

        BUT — on a bright note — hubby got me a gift certificate for photography *classes* some time this year. So …. all’s not bad, I guess.

        But don’t worry — I won’t disappear. One way or the other I’ll keep plugging along.

        And Chris has kindly allowed me to use two images from his archives — one Kirchner, one Mucha — and as soon as I can get my keister together I’ll be writing about them. Guess the old prompt machine is getting a bit old, you know?

      • I’m happy Chris gave you two images from his archive that promise to be inspiring! This months CDHK was a little, let’s say low key. I’ve been thinking that perhaps I need to go looking for something new to inspire me in general though CDHK is the best for haiku in absolute. I’m talking about general inspiration.

        But I’d probably do just as well going off somewhere for a spell .. recharge my batteries.

        I say … that was a cool gift your hubby gave you … there is so much one can probably learn doing a proper course!

      • Three images — 😀

        I posted a poem about one of the images in the dungeon tonight — not overly naughty but not my usual. And he’s offered another. Yay!

        Yeah …. I’m getting a bit weary with New Year …. what can you say about a Japanese evergreen you’ve never seen, have no haiku about, and have no culture references about? It’s a bit of a strain.

        As to the photo gift certificate — I think they also have classes on digital images/ photoshopping — so that’s a possibility too.

        It’s been a rough month for inspiration across the board, hasn’t it? I hope you can find the inspiration you’re looking for. Maybe it’s just the January blahs?

      • I think you could be right about the January blahs … don’t get out of the house enough and so grow stale. Right now I felt inspired by your Hollyku! and what you wrote for HA … which I haven’t read.

        That course sounds interesting .. hope it’s not dead basics because I think you’ll find that you know more than you thought, just didn’t have the names for it 😉 . Haven’t opened my mailbox yet, so I haven’t seen your Dungeon posts! I’m still trying to get some reading done .. hadn’t looked at nearly anyone’s One Four Challenges so I did that this morning. Some great stuff there!

      • Oh wow …. I am so far behind in reading … thanks for reminding me … really need to go check out the One Four people. So much to learn there. In fact, one lady recommended some Android programs — Decim8 and Bluristic look like they have promise.

        Definitely plan on getting a lot of background info though if I DO choose to get an editing class.

        I’m with you on needing to get out of the house — I’m limited to very short walks right now. Cuthbert the Leg gave me a sore and I’m sort of grounded for a bit. 😦


        Thanks for the kind words again 🙂

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