Photoku – Ripples and Change – January 21, 2015


the crack of dawn
ripples through infinity
changing times

© G.s.k. ‘15

This photoku was created for Blog it or Lose it! Weekly Photoku Challenge #3


11 thoughts on “Photoku – Ripples and Change – January 21, 2015

  1. Gorgeous — simply beautiful. Elegant as always —
    And I like the idea of dawn rippling through eternity. It seems very Carl Sagan-like too — always a plus! A sense of the infinite and ever-present …. and yet … always changing. Nicely done.

    • Thanks Jen — I actually did a couple of this one … and in the end chose the black and white, though I’m still not sure if I shouldn’t have gone color. I added another over at the library … a bit different, but similar photos and without words for Wednesday.

      • I like the different versions — and they way you do this really makes me re-think my method of doing photoku. Always used Ronovan’s grid-like setup — but — really liking the simplicity and the gentleness of YOUR method.

        And really, if a haiku is all about essence perhaps it SHOULD be simpler……

      • Yes … I think it should be simple … I started out thinking I had to put a picture for each word … then I began to think about haiku … you know the A-Ha thing … so I figured perhaps the image should be an A-Ha experience like a haiku … but I don’t always achieve my goal … today I created 2 collages and about 11 variations between the two …

      • But each variation is good unto itself.

        I was using the original Ronovan model — remember his grid system? But really it’s anti-haiku. Makes some interesting, great images … but not really “haiku-y”.

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  3. Wow what an impressive collection of images – I love the way the light ripples through them. I think you have really achieved your aim of creating a visual haiku here. The written haiku is very thought provoking too.

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