My New Toy …. December 26, 2014

I received a fantastic new toy for Christmas … an electronic drawing pad with stylus by Trust!

These are my first drawing experiments:

Painted Cat

Painted Cat

And here’s my drawing number one … a kitty(I feel like the pilot in the “Little Prince”!)  it was done using “Paint” … I had a few problems because the stylus was super sensitive and as soon as I touched the board with the stylus off it went … I have to learn to adjust it for this program.

This is my drawing number two … an etegami, made with “Artweaver” the program that comes with the stylus/drawing pad.  The stylus worked was better with this and it has a lovely calligraphy brush … which I have to learn how to use for smaller strokes.  I didn’t like how “Artweaver” doesn’t allow me to write my initials wherever I like and did that with “Picasa 3”:

Japanese trial_2

windy day
mother strolls with her child
in the sky starlings

G.s.k. ’14

I can’t wait until I can start experimenting with photographs!

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