Wordless Wednesday – December 17, 2014





8 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – December 17, 2014

    • Thanks … playing around with an app here and thought I’d post it as I’d been goofing off all afternoon and hadn’t done the WW 😉 Glad you liked it!

  1. Love your blog…Could you help me with the pronunciation of my grandmother’s maiden name…Dallapé (or the mark may be the other way…can’t remember). If you don’t know, do you know someone I could ask? This is a very very common name near Dro, (especially in Cavedine, Stravino and Brusino). Thanks for any help.

    • The name is pronounced “dal la pA” … the first two “a’s” are an American short “a” sound almost “a” short “o” sound the “e” in Italian is pronounced like a long “A” in English. The Italians pronounce all their letters so the double L make two syllables … the accent on the last letter means that we stress that last syllable, in Italian, usually the second syllable gets the stress. And you’re right … there are quite a few Dallapé in the Lake Cavedine area.

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