One Four Photo Challenge Wk 1 – December 1, 2014-

Today I begin a new series of processing a photo … and posting each week the results of the photographic experiment.  This is a photograph that I took at Padova (Padua in English) one of the most famous University cities of the world …


Original Photo


Here’s the original … just out of the river, awaiting repairs perhaps …

I took the original and processed it with Pixlr, sharpening the focus and intensifying the colors then I decided to grunge it up a bit, I’m not very familiar with this app so I saved the results and then worked a little on the results with Picasa 3 … this is my “antiqued” result:

boatpilxr_ antiqued

Photo One

Looking at the results I think I can see a story hidden here …

Have a great week!  Ciao Bastet.


Just click the One Four logo to visit Robyn’s blog and look into how you too can participate!

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36 thoughts on “One Four Photo Challenge Wk 1 – December 1, 2014-

  1. That boat was waiting specially for you Georgia!!
    I like the composition – my eyes wander along the boat and beyond.
    I love what you’ve done in your first edit – the texture and tones are wonderful… and I keep pondering. Im sure there is a story here 😃😃

  2. Original image was lovely but a routine shot, processed – love it, the grunge effect works so well with this subject.

    • Thanks … I agree that the original is rather routine … I wasn’t sure if I liked the gunge effect … but it kind of grows on you .. the trick will be finding new ways of processing this photo in the future … Thanks for your feed back.

  3. This is an interesting effect, that starts to grow on you. The textures make it feel like a photo from the early days of film, but the muted blues remind you that it’s not a black and white photo. I want to say it looks like a boat from a period piece… perhaps that is the story feel you are referring to.

    • It does kind of grow on you at that … I wasn’t sure that I wanted to post the end result, but now I actually like it very much. Thanks for your reflections!

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