PhotoKu – Sunshine Exodus – Senryu – November 30, 2014


cold and snowy days
now the exodus begins
snowbirds flying south

(c) G.s.k. ’14


Ronovan Writes Weekly #Photography #Haiku Challenge #20 

and Carpe Diem Haiku Kai – Exodus

35 thoughts on “PhotoKu – Sunshine Exodus – Senryu – November 30, 2014

      • Thing is … I don’t seem to do this very well to his prompts … I find that they come out if I illustrate my own haiku … but I can’t force the haiku.

      • Sounds familiar. But — I’m sure he’ll understand if you keep going with the Photoku, and do your own haiku and own images. The words are just a suggestion. 🙂

      • True and that’s how I started out with him … I’ve tried over the last couple of weeks to do the ku with his suggestions … but it doesn’t work out so well, don’t know why though.

      • You seem to operate by emotion and your inner voice — you either feel it or you don’t. I do that too, but there’s a weird side to me that says, “okay — I KNOW these dots can be connected SOMEHOW — hmmm –” and I look at it as a grand puzzle. Doesn’t always create the BEST haiku (!!) but the puzzle must be solved. 😉

        If that makes sense. 🙂

      • You are probably right … I do go rather by instinct and emotion .. but I also like to see the puzzle and solve it ergo wordles … I think though I have an undisciplined streak in me that sometimes just refuses to connect the dots …

      • And tonight I’m not connecting dots OR feeling anything …. sigh ….

        But so amazed with your worldle skills…!

      • lol .. which reminds me I’ve got a wordle to do … haven’t looked at Yves wordle yet … I put it up but didn’t look at it .. all the fun is in the surprise!

      • That’s funny — it’s up, but you haven’t seen it, LOL!

        Like I’m always surprised when one of my GW prompts goes live. 😉

      • Yep .. copied and pasted … put on the Mr. Linky and posted … my editor tells me if there’s any errors and gives me the option of editing before I post … so I didn’t read it Yves is doesn’t make spelling errors 😉

      • BTW hope your momentary blahs pass quickly … it’s the first winter blahs and will surely go away with the first Christmas cookies … or so someone used to tell me.

      • Hahah!
        Getting better at making Christmas cookies. I have a bad habit of making nicely decorated Christmas bricks. o.O

      • At least it’s not just me!!!!
        Used to HAVE to accompany a cookie with coffee or milk — had to soak ’em first!

      • Um … yeah! That’s what I was doing too!

        Ahem …
        [looking guiltily at the ground]

        Okay, not so much. But you’ve given me my new excuse story 😉

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