One Word Photo Challenge – Lemon – November 28, 2014

Night shots without a using the flash can have some interesting effects:


One Word Photo Challenge – Lemon


16 thoughts on “One Word Photo Challenge – Lemon – November 28, 2014

  1. Ah …. very nice!

    And this would be a good candidate if you wanted to do a one-four challenge — adjusting that red channel in PicMonkey’s “curves” feature. BUT — I love that lemon and orange anyway. 🙂

    If this were my camera it’d be “lime” instead of “lemon”! 😉

      • My camera just gets all freaked out — “whirr! buzzz! Whirr! buzz ….” — on and on, as it’s little computer brain tries to figure out what to do — and *can’t* figure out what to do, LOL!

      • When I do the various auto features it gets stuck if the conditions aren’t quite right — so I say, “well, what about THIS?” Brrr. Whizzz. Brrr. Whizzz. “Okay then. What about THIS?!?” Brr. Whizz. Brrr. Whizzz. “Okay. THIS maybe?” And on and on till I find the right overrides, etc. Really runs the batteries down! All due to my inexperience though. 😉

      • More like, “not very idiot-proof”. And – alas! – I’m a bit of an idiot when it comes to photos. Getting better, yes … but a long way to go! And it’s a computer, really — garbage in, garbage out —

      • I think that it’s crazy that everything we do needs to be re-learnt less than a year later, from computer to phones to cameras and yes the blasted WP editor (etc) … but that’s where electronics has been taking us … or is it the market that needs to constantly make re-new products to keep people consuming …

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