One Four Challenge – Week Three – November 17, 2014



This is phase three of the One in Four challenge. This time I’ve taken the decided to crop the photo again, but this time removing the right hand portion in order to bring up a sail boat that was sailing just outside the port. ย I then used an app to render the photo black and white except for the small area around the sail boat.

The previousย editing efforts are in this gallery

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One Four Challenge – Week Three


27 thoughts on “One Four Challenge – Week Three – November 17, 2014

    • I think everyone should have favourites … I rather like this one myself … but in the end, I say that for each new phase ๐Ÿ˜€ — Thanks for commenting Sweet Pea!

  1. It’s funny what you notice when you strip down colour and crop… For instance the spreaders on the yachts seem to be shining more, and that tiny sail in the distance, particularly with a hint of colour, appears when you hadn’t noticed it before.

    • True … changing perspective by changing the color or size is an interesting experience. And I think without that hint of color the sailboat would continued to be outside perception so it was an important element to the photo.

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  4. I like the monochrome treatment a lot but I will stand out from the crowd and say that small white sail you highlighted? I didnt really like it at all. Why? Because the eye goes to the brightest part of the image, which is that, but because the rest is mono it kinda doesnt give you anywhere else to go with appreciating the rest of the image cos that sail has more visual weight and keeps pulling the eye to it. Kudos for the effort that went into visualising and creating the image, more skillz than I haz ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. The black and white treatment is good, as lens addiction noted about the golden sail I won’t say to much about it except the idea of having one sail selectively coloured would have worked better if it was more dominant in the frame.

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