One Four Challenge – Week 2 – November 10, 2014

Today I’m taking a photograph that I entered yesterday for week one of the One Four Challenge  to another stage of the editing …



I’ve cropped the original photograph here … then shadowed it a little more, “warmified” the photo adding the soft golden tones used to accent skin-tone -, used a HDR app and then softened the photo… I was looking for a brooding image, something that I could use for example in a poem about dawn or maybe about a storm coming on … then to complete the photo I added a drop shadow “frame”.

Here are the original and the first process:

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This post is linked to One Four Challenge hosted at Captivate Me … go have a look and participate in the fun!

24 thoughts on “One Four Challenge – Week 2 – November 10, 2014

  1. Wow I really like this Bastet and I think your brooding image has been very successful.
    I like the way you’ve brought us in closer to the subect and given it quite an old and atmospheric feel by the treatment.

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  4. Not much of a fan of this second version, it feels a bit muddy and soft, I think if you had not used the HDR method the image would be a lot stronger as the warmer tone could work.

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