One Four Challenge – Week One – November 9, 2014

I just discovered this great Challenge yesterday at Words Visual,  I’m posting this for The One Four Challenge .

The game is interesting … you take one photo and each Sunday after you’ve read the original challenge, you post your processed photograph … the second the second and so on, until you’ve processed the photo in 4 different ways.  There’s no obligation to show the original or to show the various steps in your processing adventure … but as of next week I’ll be creating a gallery for the original and the work done up to that point.

Here is the original photograph that I’ll be working on … it’s an autumnal snapshot of the tourist port of Riva del Garda in Trentino, Italy:


and this is the first edit of the photograph – I haven’t done much to it, just added a little shadowing and sharpened the photo a little then added a “frame”:


Thanks for looking in … have a great Sunday!



21 thoughts on “One Four Challenge – Week One – November 9, 2014

    • I thought you might like it too … didn’t get a chance though to drop the word to ya … one of my community did this on her blog and I saw it yesterday… I think you can publish anytime … she’s just got the first challenge photo up as of 10 minutes ago … drop by and have a look. Besides I think you cant back post or something … I sped-read through the rules :-/

      • Will do that. Have it bookmarked and subscribed to it too, so if I don’t get to do it this week at least it’ll be there for when I get a perfect photo opportunity.

        So many times though, I end up “artifying” my photos and going through at least 4, 5, 6 changes anyway … but it’ll be good to think about the changes more seriously.

    • Thanks for looking in Chris .. love sailing and so thought I’d do this one as a beginner, and I agree the original was a bit faded … glad you liked the first process …

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