30 Days of Haiga – September 25, 2014

The other day I was in a still-life mood and did several haiga from a series of photographs I’d taken .. one I used for my Waka Library as an illustration haiga for “nothing” … today I’ll show you another with its variation:


autumn morning
lights and shadows play
in an empty room

G.s.k. ’14


contemplating …
shadows of the morning
an empty room

G.s.k. ’14

These were inspired by this fantastic haiku by Sodo, offered to us by Carpe Diem Haiku Kai:

 yado no haru nanimo koso nanimo are

in my hut this spring,
there is nothing, –
there is everything!

© Sodo (1642-1716)

Which do you prefer?  I couldn’t choose.


One thought on “30 Days of Haiga – September 25, 2014

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