12 thoughts on “30 Days of Haiga – (2) – September 25, 2014

      • It really worked! You really added a Roy Lichstenstein (sp?) feel to this one and it was so much fun.

        Will have to see if Pixlr, Gimp, Picasa, whatever, have a similar texture. But I’m thinking with PicMonkey’s “overlay” feature I could do something similar but would have to save it as its own file. (Not trying to copy you – sorry! – but I’m seeing new possibilities in textures which I haven’t utilized very much before.)

        Very inspired!

      • I see no problem even if you did copy me … I’ll tell you a funny/sad story. When I was in my second year of high school I finally got to add art class on my schedule. I wanted to learn how to do all that cool stuff that the impressionists did, and how to use color and oils! The teacher put up a still life for us to water color and in the composition there was a silver pitcher. I didn’t know how to get those colorful reflections and so I sort of dry brushes color her and there in my pitcher. A freind of mine, who really was very talented, copied my idea, but his work came out really great! Long story short, she accused me of copying him and making a mess of my picture. He tried to defend me, saying he’d copied me but she didn’t believe him .. we were of the opinion that we should help one another and I still think that way. If there’s anything I do that you can use, go for it. Techiques are free for the taking 😉 (and you’ll do a great job I’m sure!) That was the Picasa comic book plug-in which I used several times to geth more dots ;-)…
        Now who in the dickens is Roy Lichstenstein????

      • Oh dear — how sad that the teacher didn’t believe in collaboration – while the students did. (It’s not the same as the ‘I’ll let you copy the science test’ type of collaboration!) Reflections are *so* difficult to capture …. what a shame.

        Thanks for understanding and helping so much! Sounds like I have another incentive to get off my butt and start learning how to use Picasa! 😉

        This is Roy Lichstenstein — http://www.lichtensteinfoundation.org/ Pop Art at its finest!

      • You’re a love sending me the link. I’ll drop by in a bit (opened it in a different tab). I guess she must have thought like a science teacher … unfortunately she had a thing for me … and I never understood why … but that happens sometimes. Still we were in the 60s and working together was where we were. He became one of my best friends.

      • Even with teachers and students, personalities clash. Or even click too well.

        My kiddo is having a clash with his science teacher. The one with the same name as my high school crush, LOL! Feels weird to be emailing Mr. McK for advice and info … very weird ….

      • Poor lad .. he’s got all my sympathy, it’s awful when you’ve got personality problems with a teacher … makes you feel kind of desolated, angry and frustrated. Can see why he freaked when you said you had a crush on your old high school teacher with the same name 😀 !!!!

      • Seriously –! o.O

        My kid is very laid-back, very “do the bare minimum”. It’s in his personality. The teacher is hyper organized and super unforgiving. And my son is old enough — he’s got to learn to adapt to this. This is real life. I’m not making excuses for him. Still…. so frustrating … and they’ve started out the year so badly. 😦

      • Ah … difficult that … he’ll either learn it or he won’t. In consolation my youngest was a go with the flow and let’s not get too overworked sort of guy .. he’s now an honors student in Universtiy … they do grow up, but yes, it’s frustrating. Sorry they started off on the wrong foo. 😦

      • Thanks. I tell myself he’ll learn when he’s ready… For now we reinforce the need to get along and do the job well… But till he “gets it” … Well…

        Feeling a not more hopeful knowing your son was much the same. Hope!

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