30 Days of Haiga – September 20, 2014

What is a gambeson?  A gambeson is a quilted “shirt” that was used by knights in shining armor under their mail shirts to protect them from abrasion or being badly bruised by the tiny metal rings of that particular heavy garment. For more information follow the link 😉


autumn cleaning
in the morning sunshine
gambeson airing

(c) G.s.k. ’14


9 thoughts on “30 Days of Haiga – September 20, 2014

    • Ah … I don’t know how they lived with allergies back then. The gambeson, my son tells me as he participates in Middle Age historical re-enactment fests, needs a lot of airing because you also sweat a lot inside that armor. 🙂

  1. My grandson is a regular member at re-enactment gatherings throughout the season. His full armour seems to weigh a ton – to me his grandmother – but he’s undaunted even when he displays some hefty bruises from encounters with fellow enthusiasts. I must admit, the lads and lasses look very authentic and handsome in their full regalia. Makes me quite nostalgic for times past – but only momentarily when I think of those weapons and the horrific wounds they inflicted.

    • We seem to have something in common … only it’s my son who is the armored knight! Love to go to the re-enactments and that photo was taken at the last one I went to at Sluderno in Alto Adige. There is quite an atmosphere especially in the evenings with the cooking fires and soft candle and lantern light .. but as you, I never forget history …

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