Brindled Cat – Haiga – 13 September 2014

Today I thought I’d work a little with tempera … it’s sure has been a long time:

brindled cat

by the autumn fireside
brindled cat

(c) G.s.k. ’14


This is dry brush with black tempera on paper … I then photographed it (instead of scanning it as I usually would) so it’s slightly out of focus, then I added the words and “framed” it with Picasa 3.

I also took another photograph and turned it into a haiga … dedicated to my last cat, Maao.


autumn memories
Maao sleeps by the fireside
dreaming of sparrows

(c) G.s.k. ’14


I think though that if I decide to keep painting every once in a while, I use the scanner to digitalized them.  The quality is superior!

Thanks for visiting.  Bastet.

9 thoughts on “Brindled Cat – Haiga – 13 September 2014

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  2. aloha Georgia. i agree, if the work is small enough the scanner option eliminates having to line up the camera angle as well as the focus.

    very cool on working with brush and paper. i know for me if i do that each day i get into a great flow. you are well on your way.

    i also like the idea of taking the image into digital technology and working there on it too. the haiku as well as other possible manipulations.

    i like both haiku and i realize the 2nd one has great personal significance. i like the simple observation of the first in that it is entirely what can be known by our senses. very cool on both. aloha.

    • Lovely comment as usual … gives me a lot to work on … I too like taking my drawings into digital … but i hadn’t thought about editing them as well … you’ve given me an idea! Thanks!

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