30 Days of Haiga – September 9, 2014

This morning I was able to see the moon for the first time and of course I ran for my phone to take a few pictures, working with my camera at night doesn’t give very good results.  This is one of the two haiga I wrote the other can be found on my “Bastet’s Waka Library” Blogger blog .. it’s more classical than this one which I wanted to transform into a sort of impressionistic painting to try to do a better haiga for the painting post offered by 19 Planet Art Blog who sponsors the “September – 30 Days of Haiga” challenge.


full moon haiga

September moon
impressionistic high lights
ah – blackbird singing

(c) G.s.k. ’14



12 thoughts on “30 Days of Haiga – September 9, 2014

    • Thanks … I was trying to get a painting quality into this photo. Easier to do with a photo from my phone rather than from the camera. Glad you enjoyed it!

  1. aloha Georgia. way fun on catching the moon. i like that shot. i also like the surprise of the last line in the haiku as well.

    i attempt to write and think about images for the upcoming days that are posted on each blog post of 30doh. and i seem to remember one of my ku that has a similar last line (for one of the prompts coming up). i dont know if i’ll use it, sometimes i go through several ideas before selecting the one i want. i just think it’s interesting that we’ve distilled out similar ideas (altho yours has to do with the sunrise and mine has to do with the sunset—yeah, interesting, and fun). aloha.

    • too cool that you’ve dipped from a similar well as I have, I love that idea!
      I’m afraid I never think more than 10 minutes about a post. I choose a photo or write a haiku and try to find a photo that may fit it .. or sometimes things just happen and the two come together. This happens with everything I write … so it’s all sort of impromptu. interesting to see how your creative process works! And of course fun! Ciao.

      • i like responding immediately too. after a while i get ahead of myself with these prompts but not ahead of the ones posted. and i’ve found that by playing and letting it sit for a day i can often find something flowing through my skull that works even better for having let it sit. so i just write the things down however they come. some days i have dozens. a lot are variations or slight variations of course. and most do not work for one reason or another. or i dont think they work. (no, they dont work). but sometimes i get several that do but may not be quite right for an image. so if i only have a minute to write, i plop it down and let it be. but if i have a few days, it’s fun to play and then see what comes up again after i sleep.

        yeah. sometimes it’s the image first. sometimes it’s the ku first. sometimes after i get the second one going i change what i started with too. it’s that process of playing that builds to better work i think (or i hope it does in my case at least).

        and then as you say. sometimes both ku and image just pop together and it feel right and it’s done. yay on those.

        yes. it’s fun to see how we all work. i like that about this process sharing and the gathering of work in 30doh. fun. aloha.

      • I think you have the right of it … sometimes it would be better if the haiga or ku simmer a bit before posting. like that you share how you work … inspirational and useful too. cool … and of course fun! ciao.

      • sometimes i wonder if i should show more of my process. it can get lengthy tho so i just try to list the materials and programs, apps or software i use. once you know a little about them you can often figure out what things were done using the different things on the list. that’s a fun exercise too. aloha.

      • well … that depends on you and who’s reading. A few times I have shown the steps I’ve taken in making a collage or apping a photo. A bit long, but it was appreciated. I know when I see your description of what app and software you’ve used, unless I’ve actually tried it I don’t know how you’ve done it. For example I can’t figur out how you create your “frames” from your photos. very cool btw! Ciao.

      • i’ve been playing with that frame making process for a long time. it’s easy for me to do so now.

        i use photoshop elements. and there are 2 main ways i frame.

        1 – photos that have enough space around the main parts of the image i can just frame that outer area.

        2 – an image with parts that come close to the edge that i want in the main area (and not in the frame). this just means i copy the entire image. then work my frame. after that i place the image inside the framed area and size it down to where everything fits inside the frame.

        now that you know that, you can probably spot the different works.

        turn on the grid. and select the “Snap to – Grid” option. you can adjust the grid squares in preferences to inches, quarter inches etc. or metric units. you can also there adjust the color of the grid lines so they are easy to see.

        the frame is selected using the rectangular selection tool. i select the rectangle then inverse it to have the frame selected.

        i can add lines or smaller areas within this frame using the Add, Subtract or Overlapping selections.

        with each area (and i usually start with the larger over all area of the frame) i can adjust the color, value and saturation under the drop down menu “Enhance” then “Adjust Color” and then “Adjust Hue/Saturation”. so i darken or lighten the frame to suit the look i want.

        with each selected area or with the entire frame selected again, i can go to the Filter drop down menu and apply filters like watercolor, poster edges, and so on. there are a lot there so look at a lot while you are there and choose what looks best to you. sometimes i apply one filter then another on top of that. i dont usually go more then 3 filters this way. but you can if you want to.

        the more often you do this process the easier it gets. as you see i do it almost to everything.

        and i have standard frame sizes i like to use. with a few exceptions. and that depends on what you want to do with the final work.

        i hope that helps. if not let me know. or if something isnt clear ask. and of course have fun. aloha.

      • Wow .. i’m going to read this over carefully and try to assimulate it … Thanks so much Rick for taking the time to explain the process to me!

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