30 Days of Haiga – September 8, 2014

They tell me that there should be a full moon … and as the calendar agrees I must accept that as a fact … alas, we only have clouds in the sky and some wonderful lightning … so I recycled a spring moon set to do this haiga 😉

BTW, I wish to thank Rick Daddario for this wonderful opportunity … this is the second year that I’ve participated in his annual September event and for all of you who enjoy photography and haiku … this is the moment to put them together and have a little fun. You can do the daily haiga … or just pop one up when you feel inspired.  Rick also gives prompts … but he doesn’t insist that one uses them.

I’d also like to thank him for asking for clear skies over our rain-swept valley …



autumn moon
sitting on the mountain tops
– waiting for the geese

(c) G.s.k. ’14




9 thoughts on “30 Days of Haiga – September 8, 2014

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    • Ah … I think your looking at my photo blog. Perhaps you’ve never visited it … I haven’t been using it much over the last few months. You might want to follow to get updated posts 🙂

  2. aloha Georgia. that is a terrific haiku (imo). there are many ways it can be read by the reader. i like that. and it speaks of an awing moment. which is cool in the image as well.

    you are always welcome to play in 30doh of course. and it’s a delight to see you here. yes, i probably should say it’s not required to post daily. that’s a goal i set for myself and attempting it always produces some great things for me. so i like playing this way.

    yeah. i know my request will come through. we’ll just have to wait until it does and then go out and absorb the sky. fun. and thank you for all your efforts and doings. aloha. rick.

    • lol … you’re request came through indeed … and now, we have a sunny day until around 5:00 then it rains for a few hours and finally the stars come out around 10:00 … I’m beginnng to feel like I live in a cold tropical country 😉

      I’m happy you enjoyed the ku … this year it seems that my problem is not posting every day but not posting more that once a day! I don’t know why … until starting the 30doh I’d not done more than two in the whole year … very strange!

      • ha. no worries about how often you post. i’m delighted that it’s triggered this flow of work for you. sometimes it just takes one little thing to get our excitement going and then off we go. when that happens, i say, dont question it just go with it. as long as it’s fun do it. strange and fun is cool too. ha. aloha.

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