Pixelventures Sunday Illustration – July 10, 2014

Pixelventures has come up with an original prompt … illustrate the story!  This weeks story was written by Oliana Kim from Traces of  The Soul.


The Hungry Dam

by Oliana Kim (Traces of the Soul)

Andréanne arrived at the family picnic a bit late. Caro, was tugging on her sleeve, “Je veux y aller, BON. Tu m’as promis!!”

She found a giant floater and grabbed it and dove into the river, placing Caro on the floater. An excited 7-year-old sang “Row row row your boat…” swinging her hips.

“Be careful, Caro, you might fall in.”

“But I want to go into the water like you, Maman.”she whined,pouting and crossing her arms which tipped the floater a bit too much to the right and SPLASH, in she went. Andréanne grabbed her by the straps of her bathing suit. Caro was not a strong enough swimmer in these waters. They swam back away from the dam, kicking, one arm on the floater, the other to row like an oar dodging the hungry dam.

Sipping my cappuccino, relieved my dream was finally erased.

© Whispering Insights, 2014/06/28


Ilustration for Pixelventures Illustration Prompt

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