Morning Reflections – June 25, 2014

I went out for a walk and an aperativo the other evening with my family.  We were waiting for our drinks to come and I liked how the shadows and light played on the glass coffee table so took some photos:

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Have a great day!  Bastet

DP Photo Challenge – Between – June 21, 2014

Today for the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge I’m going to show you some photos between … between what?  Well lets see!

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One morning in Riva del Garda … my favorite subjects were making a lot of racket that morning out near the “lido” as I went along the pathway, I was intriquesd by the pink marble that ran along the left of the path, in front of a short safety wall running along the moat of Riva’s fortress … at the end of the path, this flowered bush sat between the path divided.

Have a wonderful weekend.  Bastet

Perpective for Pixelventures – June 17, 2014

This week Pixelventures is looking for a little depth!  Here are a few contributions:

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From Bolognano to Villafranca via the Brennero Highway and back … a day trip outside of my mountains to the flat Padano valley.  I always find that visiting the Padano valley makes me appreciate my mountains so very much when I return.  Though I had fun on my one day vacation, this time was no different from the rest.  As soon as I began to see the first signs of the mountains I sighed with contentment!

flat lands
no place to rest eyes
green Trentino calls

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge – June 16, 2014

Going to a Comic’s Fest can be fun!

I ran into lots of crazy characters and some really great costumes as well as meeting artists and listening to some great music.

It was an all around fun morning and afternoon … but there was this one guy who really stopped me short.  I should have taken more photos of him and he was certainly willing to pose for them but get shy taking strangers photos … so these two will have to do me.  As i said he posed and if he hadn’t blinked he would have been even more regal and a little less forbidding…

and by the way that was no wig folks … I wondered how he looked during a work day.

Written for The Daily Post – Weekly Photo Challenge – Extra, Extra!

Festivals and Gatherings in Italy – June 16, 2014

Everywhere in Italy at this time of the year there are a series of festivals and open markets where one can go and have a good time.

Last week, here in Arco, we even had a Vegan Fest with street art and music.  The music was fine and everyone had a pretty good time.

Just one off note – I do have to admit at the time I did get a little irritated when a young woman gave a speech at the dining tent saying people who ate meat were cannibals and I don’t sympathize with people who try to make their dogs and cats vegans either, basically because I believe to each his own…

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This is for Tourist in Your Own Town for Canadian Travelbugs!