Perpective for Pixelventures – June 17, 2014

This week Pixelventures is looking for a little depth!  Here are a few contributions:

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From Bolognano to Villafranca via the Brennero Highway and back … a day trip outside of my mountains to the flat Padano valley.  I always find that visiting the Padano valley makes me appreciate my mountains so very much when I return.  Though I had fun on my one day vacation, this time was no different from the rest.  As soon as I began to see the first signs of the mountains I sighed with contentment!

flat lands
no place to rest eyes
green Trentino calls

19 thoughts on “Perpective for Pixelventures – June 17, 2014

  1. I really enjoyed your slide show. The way the second image morphs into the third creates a sense of movement – I felt like I was travelling the road with you. Your haiku sums up the feeling well.

    • Thanks Suzanne, I’m contented that you enjoyed the slide show…it’s one of my favorite gallery apps and I like the way the photos morph as well!

  2. Lovely photos, Georgia! One thing I missed living in Toronto were hills and mountains..of course ours are not like in Europe in Quebec but they are all around us….and I love that about being back home.

    • 🙂 know what you mean about hills and mountains. Actually ours are pretty tame compared to some of the stuff you find in North America .. guess ours would be considered almost like rolling plains or something.

      • I like all my hills here. Just the drive to my best friend’s home in the country …40 mins drive I pass 6 of various sizes and her home faces 5…now that would be a great shot for perspective…but it’s really hard to catch them all.

      • It could make an interesting shot…but you’re right it’s difficult to get a full shot of mountains in the situation you describe!

      • She faces Mount Bromont and behind are 4 further away and to the left JayPeak in Vermont. It’s amazing how far we can see!! I will see if I can go there at the weekend.

      • Good heavens! You’re almost in the USA at that! I suppose if I wanted to i could get to Switzerland or Austria … but it would take a little longer than grocery shopping would warrant 🙂

      • Yep, we often fly to New York through Burlington to save $$$ on airfare. I’ll send you a link to show where I live in connection to the border by email.

  3. Loving this gallery — loving this glimpse into your part of the world. So beautiful!!!!

    Can relate to the feeling in your haiku – when we go through the flatter parts of VA it feels so awkward being out in the open. The southwest was odd like that too – you can lose all sense of distance sometimes.

  4. All of your pictures are wonderful, but the flags really stand out. I used to use slide shows. That is a great way to show your photos 🙂

    When I used to live in Philadelphia, I felt the same way about the Ben Franklin Bridge as you do about the mountains. I loved that bridge. I could see it from my first condo. It always made me feel: You are home.

    • Thanks Rob … and thanks for sharing your similar experience with me. I lived in New Jersey when I was much younger (early 60s) and remember visiting Philadelphia …it is a beautiful old bridge!

      • At night, there are lights that run along the outside edge of the bridge. Colors are chosen as they relate to seasons, holidays and special events; especially sports. It is computerized, so they have movement. The towers on the bridge have a light show for about five minutes every hour on the hour. I grew up in South Jersey. That was a long time ago.

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