Looking Up! June 16, 2014

Yesterday I went to Villafranca (near Verona in Italy) for a comic fest.  Villafranca is now more famous for its airport than for anything else, but in fact the enter of there is a medieval fortification, Scaligero Castle, this is where the fest was held in the great grassy court yard.


Entering the Castle

Entering the Castle

We stood in line waiting to buy our tickets inside the dark high walled entrance …

Planes coming and going!

Planes coming and going!

The sun didn’t make much of an appearance … but I had fun anyway and tried to capture at least on of the planes that slowly came across the horizon for a landing.  I was surprised at how silent they were.  There were moments when the planes just seemed to hang in the air, as though they were posing.

Today I’m adding this to the ‘Travel with Intent‘ up and down prompts and to Bastet’s Pixelventures June 10, 2014.  Ciao for now!  Bastet!



12 thoughts on “Looking Up! June 16, 2014

    • I know I’m lucky to have so much history and beauty around me and I’m always happy to put up photos to show the best part of the country off…

      • Wow…that would be cool. One of the regular contributors on Pixelventures, Canadian Travelbugs does a monthy photo prompt called “tourist in my town” and she’s looking for festivals this month, give it a thought!

      • Oh, there is the laugh festival, festival de francophonie, jazz…Oh my…I have to see what I can do in Toronto too….But the Old Port is walking distance to China Town and the Jazz festival…I will think about it.

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