Ducks…a twist (DP Photo Challenge) May 24, 2014

The other day I went for a walk on the lake.  At Riva del Garda, we don’t have only tourists, we also have, ducks, swans, coots, ravens, sparrows, swallows and lots of other birds which don’t come to mind right now, that have learned to live with the tourists like the “Rivani” have.

It was a nice suny day, so I decided to lay out in the sun…and who should come waddling by but two male ducks!  So I slowly got my camera out and twisted around to take this group of photos:

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This week DP Photo Challenge asked us to tell them what twist means to us…this is my first thought!  And if you want to read the set of haiku I wrote to honor the pair go to Bastet and Sekhmet’s Library by clicking the link!


5 thoughts on “Ducks…a twist (DP Photo Challenge) May 24, 2014

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  2. Their colours are so beautiful!! I must go to Centre Island when I am next in Toronto to take close up like that…and the geese. This photo does remind me of this but your ducks have such beaudiful colours…ours are much darker.

    • I’d love to see the ducks from Centre Island, sounds like a beautiful place. Of course I’ve heard of canadian geese! Our ducks used to be wild but they don’t fly immigrate anymore so I guess we can consider them domestic. They do have really beautiful markings…the ladies are dull brown of course, so these muct be brothers.

      • Ah yes, the females are plain to protect themselves. The geese in Toronto are somewhat domesticated as well…they stay all year. I was shocked when I moved there. We don’t have that in Quebec.

      • And the males are so fancy to attrack the ladies as with most birds…my question however is how did we get it all mixed around I wonder???? Smart birds…I wonder why the stop travelling south…Is Toronto warm in the winter? Or are they just guaranteed food…or more likely, they are the descendents of the ones that got left behind who knows when and don’t know how to migrate??? I’ll have to look into this 😉

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