Phoneography Challenge: Nature

For Sally’s Lens and Pens  Phoneography challenge dedicated to nature I’ve decided to take you with me on a walk through the fields between Bolognano and Arco.

It wasn’t really early morning, in the sense that it was 9:30 last Sunday, but in Bolognano the sun was a promise still that we could see down hill in Arco. My son was home for the weekend so we decided to take a walk and get a cappuccino and brioche for breakfast.

So dressed up in our warmest clothes…he in his German navy surplus great-coat and I in my red sky jacket with a wooly hat…both with gloves, we set out to.

We like going through the fields instead of following the road when possible.  I snapped these photos to show you some of the nature that you’ve already seen, but not frosted!

Nokia phone model 202 - 1200x1600 pixels eleborated with picasa3

Nokia phone model 202 – 1200×1600 pixels elaborated with Picasa3

Nokia 202 phone - 1200x1600 pixels elaborated with Picasa 3

Nokia 202 phone – 1200×1600 pixels elaborated with Picasa 3

We finally did get through the fields and then near the road, I saw this persimmon tree the sun was actually deciding to bless Bolognano with its light by then!

Persimmons and Frost: Nokia 202 phone - 1200x1600 pixels elaborated with Picasa 3

Persimmons and Frost: Nokia 202 phone – 1200×1600 pixels elaborated with Picasa 3

early winter walk
through frosted fields and vineyards
mother and son talk

Do you go for early morning walks?  What do you think of phoneography, as you can see, you don’t need an iPhone to take a nice snapshot!  Have a look at Sally’s post…it is a wonder!


11 thoughts on “Phoneography Challenge: Nature

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  2. I love that last photo. I’ll be joining the iPhone generation very soon, as soon as our new phones arrive. My first Smartphone and I have no doubt it will be smarter than I for a very long time, probably forever. 🙂


    • well, I don’t have a smartphone, pretty dumb I realized after seeing my sister’s iPhone… 🙂 you can have some fun too making some phonographs! Who know you might try one of my Pixelventures!

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  4. aloha Bastet. ah. i suspect now those are vineyards rather than orchards (which i alluded to on the other blog). the persimmon tree is excellent. the more i see it the more wow i am.

    i popped a persimmon seed into a pot a few weeks ago, but i know nothing about growing them. seeing this tree makes me want to start learning fast. ha. a beautiful shot. aloha

    • I like the persimmon tree, and yes they were vineyards. I was lucky and got a seed this year too! I’m drying it out at present and then will plant it. I don’t know if it’ll grow though. Here people usually get a already started plant (if they can find one at the nursery)…they become really huge trees in time! Ciao!

      • yes, i didnt know anything about persimmon growing when i had that seed. and it was straight from the fruit. i dont often find them that way. but it may be a lot easier to propagate from cuttings or in some other way. or maybe like you are doing it’s better to dry it out first. cool. i hope it grows for you.

        yeah, i like the look of vineyards as well as orchards. a fun walk. even if chilly.

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