Tourist in my Town!

Canadian Travel Bugs has come up with a cool prompt…Tourist in my Town!  This month she’s looking for statues…and living in Italy, well, statues are everywhere, but not as lovely as in Shanghai..or is it just because I’m used to seeing the Italian variety…you tell me.  For more info on her prompt…follow the link and why not, be a tourist in your own town too!

These statues are found in Arco:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The next two were taken in Riva del Garda:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This strange little statue can be found in Rovereto:

strange sculpture

strange sculpture

I hope you’ve found these interesting…I’ve found that I really should go out and take a few more pictures of some of the other statures and scuptures that can be found around my town…I’ve seriously been neglecting them!

Ciao from Italy!  Bastet


12 thoughts on “Tourist in my Town!

  1. Thanks so much for participating 🙂 I think these statues are fantastic and for the reasons you said… you are used to them, but for me they are exciting and classical. I think we do take things in our own town, backyard and neighbourhoods for granted. We find it boring, but someone else may dream to come to your town for a holiday 🙂 I know growing up near Niagara Falls that was a place almost all my friends and family wanted to avoid. We could go anytime because it was a short car ride away. I loved going there though because to see the excitement of tourists I started to see it through their eyes.
    That is my inspiration and goal for the “Tourist in Your Own Town” prompt… showcase your home and see it through new eyes, as a tourist, then share it with the world 🙂
    Thanks again for joining in.

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