A Sunday Walk: 6 October 2013

Hello World!

All of you who’ve been following my blog over at Bastet and Sekhmet’s Library, know that I’ve been up to my ears helping prepare my husband’s “Personal”…that is an Exhibition of his work!  We’ll take a brief look at the inauguration that took place yesterday evening!



I spent the whole morning cooking and choosing the last-minute music for the exhibition…I made a playlist of pieces by Eric Satie and Debussy!

So, I’ll start with the treats 😉 :

From the street looking in, this is what you would have seen:

I’d like to present the artist!  Luciano Neri:

Let’s have a look at the pictures…and some visitors:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hope you enjoyed the exhibition (just click on the thumbnails to see the pictures better)!  Have a great Sunday…ciao!  Bastet


16 thoughts on “A Sunday Walk: 6 October 2013

  1. Now that’s what I call ‘refreshments’ ;). Nice pictures, and nice exhibition too: I like how that plant fits in with the rest of the room… It really looks ‘homish’, the room…

    • Thanks…I think that it turnes out pretty elegant much better than the last 3 I’ve seen which were rather slip-shod. And in my opinon a plant always gives a great touch to a room. 😉

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