Pixelventures: 10 September 2013: Hobbies

Here’s my contribution to Pixelventures dedicated to Hobbies and Pass-times!

I’ve been very busy this week and hadn’t realized that a week has nearly passed since I put up the Pixelventures prompt!

Here’s just a small contribution with a couple of my pass-times!

Besides writing a blog or two and photography, etc I also like to cook and invent recipes.  One of the more interesting ones this month has been a breakfast combination of bacon with fresh figs…sorry I’m not much for health food, though I do know some great ways to cook tofu and seitan!

Chestnut flour donuts

These “donuts” made with chestnut flour.

Oatmeal Bread


Here I made some individual loaves of oatmeal-cranberry bread for a Sunday treat.

I also like to arrange flowers:

dried flowers

and of course there’s my miniature Zen gardens…I made this tree with copper wire:


Thanks for dropping by.,.see you tomorrow!

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