6 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: 11 September 2013

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      • It’s good to pause, look, and think about what we see. So often we pass by and fail to do either because of the pressure and bustle in our lives. Your picture left me wondering what has happened to that man; his origins and his future. I remember Riva, but your picture suggests much may have changed since I was teaching in Rovereto in the 1980s.l

      • Ah yes, first of all, something that didn’t exist for the most part was immigration. The Italians had left their homes over the last century, going to other parts of the world to over-come the poverty that was endemic in Italy. Trentino was one of the poorest regions of Italy, now it is one of the richest and best organized. Now we have many new immigrants from Eastern Europe and Africa, not to speak of a growing population of Chinese. I’d say you’d find quite a few changes from the 1980s.

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