Sunday Walk: August 25 2013

The other day, I went to the library in Riva del Garda.  I’ve decided to take you there today.  I love libraries, and if anyone has ever lived in Italy, they can tell you, that in most regions, libraries are a poor thing.  Where there are Universities there are some great book collections, but usually only open to students or staff members, though because I’m a member of my regional library circuit, I was permitted to “study”, I actually wrote a short story there, at the library of the history faculty.

The train station that you see at the end of the slide show, no longer has that function.  Many years ago, some brilliant politicians with lovely foresight had the railway lines removed, so our little valley can only be reached by boat or roads, no train.  Recently there has been talk about rebuilding the system.  In the meantime the station now houses a restaurant and a bar.

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Have a great Sunday!

5 thoughts on “Sunday Walk: August 25 2013

  1. That was lovely. Thank you for sharing these moments. Just seems peaceful somehow. Like people are a little more chilled out there and appreciate the good things. Not sure how I can surmise that from the above! Must be your words and pics together that give that Sunday feeling as it should be 🙂

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