Sunday Painting the Town Red: 25 August 2013

I was thinking I wouldn’t get my Sunday in red done today, but then I saw this photo as I was listening to Peter Gabriel’s “Red Rain” et voilà.

The poem is not one of my happy poems though.  I imagine that if the Earth crys red rain it would reflect a deep and desparate passion.

Red Rain_4

Free Verse

Red Rain

Earth on fire
lost in her desire
to free herself
from pain,
the eternal nights
of fraternal fights,
her tears of despair
cannot cleanse herself
of the blood
that has been shed
in the name

This is the original photograph:

rain storm

rain storm

2 thoughts on “Sunday Painting the Town Red: 25 August 2013

  1. Nice! Again, I have no idea how you make these effects, but it is really fascinating to so what you can do to pictures. Love both the pictures and verse! 🙂

    • Thanks…It’s not really difficult once you get the hang of it. I’ve done a couple of posts on the subject, maybe it would be interesting for a Pixelventures’ Saturday Close-up.

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