Pixelventures and Free Verse: Shooting through glass

shooting through glass

Free Verse

Flash Through Glass

Wind, hail, rain!
How I love a gale
I pulled my camera out
and started shooting photos!
First from my covered loggia…
then I said
“There’s the back!”
And ran to shoot
my terrace
but through the glass
or I might have
gotten sodden!
I chose my setting carefully
but not carefully enough
I forgot to turn off
the flash
and this is what I got!
The more I looked
at the result
the more I loved
this photo…
for it has a wonderful
the oneiric look
at a storm through
my imagination.

A contribution for Pixelventures!

2 thoughts on “Pixelventures and Free Verse: Shooting through glass

  1. I actually shouted, “Yes!”, inside my head when I came across “oneiric.” Made for such a great climax and suits the picture so perfectly. 🙂

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