Which Way To The Castle?

Cee’s Weekly Photo Challenge is pretty open, the challenge is a “Which Way”…signs, roads, bridges, run ways…anything that leads to a direction!

I live in Arco, Trentino – Italy and we have a Castle, pretty much destroyed by Napoleon’s mercenaries in the 1800’s, but though it wouldn’t protect more than some small animals it’s still a castle.

Arco's Castle

We also have tourists, and many of those tourist’s wish to go and visit the castle.  Which way to the castle?  Actually there are really quite a few, including the one’s our free-climber choose, right up the cliff.  But for the less adventurous, here are two routes, leaving from the same spot, just off the town’s main square:

If you look carefully you can see that the two photos are actually near the same door, but taken from different angles.  The first one has the sign that indicates that going up the stairs you’ll get to the castle. The second photo is a more round about way, that takes you through the back streets of Arco, until you reach either the road that goes up to Arco, or two or three other flights of stairs which will take you to the path that leads you to the Castle.

Have a nice climb.

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