Sunday Walk: Under the Portici

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This was a great week for my husband and his friends.  In the town of Riva del Garda, the city council invited them to use the portici of the municipality building to do a collective exhibit of their work.

Each has his own technique…as you can see.  In order not to make this too long, I’ve just chosen a few as representative of the group.  From sculpture to oil paintings from impressionism to post modern, the group is many voiced!

I wrote a poem about the near tragic event the first day of the exhibit.  Riva is famous for its afternoon wind know as the “ora”, which has made the area a hot spot for surfers around Europe.  The Lago del Garda is also the largest lake, not only in Italy, but indeed in Europe.

It was three days of meeting together, exchanging ideas and of course showing the world different approaches to art…so I though we’d just take a glimpse too today.

Have a great Sunday!

2 thoughts on “Sunday Walk: Under the Portici

  1. It’s so nice to see what the exhibit looks like! The art that I can make out looks amazing. My heart seems to long for Italy more and more each day. Sigh.

    • I, Lorelei
      call to those hearts
      that long for beauty
      wishing to inspire
      their new creations!
      Don’t sigh Cubby Kitty
      make your plans well
      who knows what
      tomorrow may bring!

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