Pixelventures: Doors and Passages

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Doors and Passages

Hawkers sell their wares
as we walk along the road,
be this or that, forget your cares
and don’t be just a toad!

Bright illusions are for sale
all along our dreary path
conformity does there hale
to save us from our wrath!

Be a cyclist!
Be a star!
Be a climber!
Be an artist!

Then there are the open doors
With only some dark promise
could it be a place of whores
or maybe there’s a goddess!

Passages just passages
doors open upon illusions
each day a call from Lorelei
pulls people upto the rocks

and if…
for just a moment…
I contemplate unknown choices
passages not clearly mapped

dare I enter?

Bastet’s Pixelventures August 13, 2013

Bastet’s Pixelventures: The Shadow People | The Arkside of Thought by Sahm King


Passages – A Diamante | Shainbird

3 thoughts on “Pixelventures: Doors and Passages

  1. Ooo this was so fun! I didn’t see “Be a cat” as one of the choices, but I guess it’s not close enough to Halloween for hawkers to be selling costumes yet. You rhyme so well! Reowr!

    • Thanks for the compliments Cubby Kitty! Of course be a cat is not included on the hawkers items…cats are magical creatures and just ARE, nothing can pretend to be a ditty by buying a pair of sunglasses or a picture frame! 🙂

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