Weekly Photochallenge: Foreshadow 1

This Daily Prompt Weekly Photochallenge:

In a post created specifically for this challenge, post a photograph that evokes FORESHADOW to you.

“This challenge offers some fun opportunities to play — not only with the subject of your photo, but with light, color, and contrast to evoke foreshadow. Perhaps foreshadow is an open bottle of red wine and two wine glasses. Maybe it’s a diamond ring in small velvet box. Maybe it’s a flower bud about to burst into bloom, or the first leaf that turns color on your oak tree. What does foreshadow mean to you? Looking forward to seeing the creative ways in which you portray foreshadow in your posts.”


On Friday my husband, son and I went to have dinner.  After dinner, they got into a deep intellectual conversation, topic: is it right for people who are in a serious romantic situation to look at other women (or in my case, men).  They decided it was normal and shouldn’t be a problem…good thing, because we arrived in the main plaza of Riva, and there were two of the most lovely male dancer’s, rehearsing for that evenings program, and I just had to take a photo.

Here is my interpretation foreshadow wonderful dancer’s rehearsing… the ballet was a choreographic honor to the tango!


sensual rhythmic movements




7 thoughts on “Weekly Photochallenge: Foreshadow 1

  1. Beautiful interpretation of the “foreshadow” challenge. I like to people watch. What fun would it be if I could only look at half the population?

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  4. Where — what part of the world are you? I loved that photograph, the tension of the fully articulated limbs, the fact that both dancers are male, the black and white palette, the fact that one man wears trousers and the other does not . . . beautiful!

    • I live in Northern Italy, not far from the Austrian Border. I took several of these men doing their rehearsal…this I agree was just fantastic, once I put it into B/W…sometimes it’s better than color! Thanks!

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