Photography: Riva in Red!

It’s Me suggests: Sunday is painting the town in red…or any other color you want!  What a great idea!   So here’s two photos of Riva del Garda in Red!

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And have a rosy day!


6 thoughts on “Photography: Riva in Red!

    • Me too…the other one is the base of the collage that I then played around with superimposting a background I photographed a bit back. Thanks Cathy.

  1. That is such a beautiful place; I want to see it in its natural colors. But, even in red, it is lovely. The collage is very interesting. I love playing with photos.

    • Hi Rob…to see it in it’s natural colors, all you have to do in go and click Sunday Walk on my categories…there’s quite a few! Glad you like my playing with photos!

  2. Wow! Never did I think a single colour – and especially red – can turn something into a work of beauty. Very well done, Georgia 🙂

    All great wishes for the week ahead,

    • 🙂 Thanks! But did I see you’ve just now begun to follow my blog??? WordPress doing funny things…I had to re-follow a few of my friends too!

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