The Kaleidoscope

Jumbo Toy Collage

When I was a kid,

I used to play with cut-out dolls

 never had a Barbie…

Batman was in a comic book,


Star Wars not invented…


just the same

I had lots of toys,

including fluffy dogs and bears;

I used to serve them tea

with my tiny porcelain tea set!

I loved to run

with whirligigs

passing away the day

but best of all

was the magic

of watch chainging patterns

inside my favorite

the kaleidoscope!


I went into a toy store,

my camera at the ready,

looking for

the toys I used  so long ago.



 those useful childhood tools,

made to play out fantasies:


guns and swords,

bows and arrows

(and some things I’d never seen).

I found a lot of whirligigs

Wind Mills

I found a bunch of pools


But wherever I went,

I could not find

 magic kaleidoscopes.

A little sad I went home

and told this to my husband…

he just smiled,

went about his work…

leaving me to mope.

Then,  he came to dinner late,

something hidden behind his back…

“A surprise for you.” he said.

“Oh my!” I Cried!

A kaleidoscope

he’d made it

just for me!


For: We Drink Photo Challenge – Toys where you can see some other great photos and something to read too!  😉

I just thought I’d add this…my husband didn’t need it, but maybe someone else would like to make a kaleidoscope.


8 thoughts on “The Kaleidoscope

  1. Reblogged this on Bastet and Sekhmet and commented:
    This morning I dumped this…the only way to describe the process…practically a draft entitled: Toys into the blogsphere….I re-read it an hour ago…and have been working ever since trying to get it into reading condtion! After a major—let’s say I rewrote the thing…it is now here as The Kaleidoscope.

  2. I remember having one of those when I was a kid. There was a popular toy that was a kaleidoscope maker too. You put plastic gems or whatever you could find into a dish then you put it into the scope. It was fun. I used to tear pictures out of the newspaper to play with it or put bugs in there.

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