Sunday Walk: July 14, 2013 at the Golden Hour

I found that my archives were really lacking in photos at the so-called Golden Hour, that hour just after dawn and just before dusk…so I hopped on my scooter this morning to take a trip to Riva…why Riva?  Basically because the sun tips over the mountain there about an hour earlier than where I live.  Yes, because I live right under Monte Velo, I don’t get the Golden Hour until around 8:00!

6:00 amI decided to do this in a graduated b/w, at 6:00 am the photo comes out pretty grainy.  But I wanted you to see what it looked like under Arco’s Castel at that hour.

6:10 am Cypress and Tower Chiesa RomanicaWhat you see above is about half way to Riva from my house…there’s a little Romanic Church, which I’ve always wanted to photograph, but usually there’s too much traffic to do so.  I took advantage of the hour!

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I decided to show you the moat of the Rocca, the ancient fortress that defended Riva in the Middle Ages, some of our tourist boats and ferrys this morning as well as a general view of the Port from a distance…we actually have two ports in Riva, the one we’re looking at this morning is the old port at the center of town.

Hope you liked these shots of the Golden Hour…until next week!

For more fantastic shots of the Golden Hour…go here!


7 thoughts on “Sunday Walk: July 14, 2013 at the Golden Hour

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    • Early morning is the time of day when I’ve got the most energy…the trip was great, and the light and atmosphere of first light is magical! 🙂

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