Photography: Bastet Experiments – Africa

I wanted a photo that could express visually the feelings and atmosphere that I had lived in Africa about 30 years ago, brought back to life, last night as I watched an African music and dance concert at the Viva Mamanera! African Festival at Riva del Garda (TN).

I wrote a poem about the sensations I remembered from Africa.  Daytime African music from my experience is rather repetitive, almost monotonous. It  reflects the heat, the slow pace…often the music is sung with no more than a calabash turned upside down to give a bit of rhythm…the music is lamentive.  But in the cool of the evening the music becomes an experience that you have to live to understand…the music has a different life and meaning.

I think that the poem could probably have stood alone and didn’t need a photo to illustrate it, but I wanted one anyway.  The best photos I had were shot on my mobile phone, but none of them were presentable, so I said:  “Why not try to create the photo, am I or am I not an artist and a poet!”

This is the raw photo I chose after going through the batch:

This is the raw photo I chose to create my compostion...taken on my Nokia 202 phone.

This is the raw photo I chose to create my compostion…taken on my Nokia 202 phone.

There were the percussionists and the dancer…but the light had played some crazy tricks!  The lamp up in the corner, reminded me of the moon…so, I had to get rid of the people and the tent…all that background.  And I was using Picasa 3 not Photoshop… so, limited possibilities.  I won’t go through all the passages, the trials and the undos I went through…I’ll just say that it took me about 2 hours to reach this result.


I particularly like the results, because it reminds me of some of my past “sepia” drawings only better, more vibrant…the main characters are there, but they’re impressions, like spirits…so this photo is so me, it says g.s.k. !

Have a great day everybody!



9 thoughts on “Photography: Bastet Experiments – Africa

    • Thanks…it took quite a bit of work, especially retouching out the background…in color the results were not so good, so I went black and white and from there started retouching some more and looking for new effects. Many of my drawings are done in “sepia” so the switch over to sepia was a logical choice for me…

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