Photography and Free Verse: Nostalgia


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Nostalgia is a funny thing
we think it nice to live elsewhere
perhaps in times of pretty ladies
in flowing gowns and lovely smiles.

We think of minstrels and jesters
eating fire and singing ballads
little thinking this my friends
their life was very precarious!
We think of knights in shining armor
readying for battle with pike and sword
of amor cortese and courtly gests
of jousting and swordplay and all the rest.

We think of velvet clad manor lords
and ladies in their gentleness
soft satins, silks and lovely braids
all kept up nicely in their veils.

‘Tis fun to look at by-gone days
in all it’s glorious lustrous glow
imagine what the jester’s saying
as he takes a picture of the crowd.

Oh people in your Gucci shoes
who’ve never known famine or plague
remember you’d all have been but serfs
cleaning up the horses muck.

Daily Prompt Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgic

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9 thoughts on “Photography and Free Verse: Nostalgia

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  2. This is such a great take on the challenge! You couldn’t be more accurate!

    If I was going to long for some time past, it wouldn’t be medieval times. I love to read the literature from the era, but I appreciate hot water in the shower, a toilet in the house, and air conditioning, and a lot of other things – like not being a serf.

    I once lived in a 100 year old house, that only had a bathroom added about 15 years prior. There was a crawl space below. Mushrooms came up through the floor. Wasps ate through the wood siding. Flies entered the house through the drier vent. The house itself was too far in the past for my liking.

    If I must go back, please don’t transport me too far 🙂

    • Yes that the point exactly…I often hear people talking about some past age, and how much better it was. However, I’m very strong on history, I’ve read too much and aware of my heritage…as where my place would be in those ages…I’m not the daughter of a king or even aristocrat…even the beginning and early 1900s is too far back for me as Upton Sinclair proves…and when I think of poor Oscar Wilde! Nope…I am glad to be me…where and when I am.

  3. In keeping with the conversation, your poem brings to mind the first day of a history class I took in college, where the prof first asked us all to think about what time period in the past we’d most like to live in, and to share with a neighbor. After we’d all conversed a little, she continued to say something to the effect of: “For all you young women in the room, you should wish to live in no other time than the present, because if you lived in the past you wouldn’t be here today, living freely and getting an education!” That sure woke us up from our reveries. She was a great prof. I love knowing about history – but live in the present for sure, though in a nicely modernized 100-year-old house.

    My take on the theme is much less poetic than yours, but similarly captures the spirit of appreciating the past while living in the present:


    • History is a family trait…my nephew is about to get his PhD in history, and my son is working on his Masters…they’d never met..I ‘ve lived in Italy for over 40 years and until about 4 years ago had more or less lost contact with the family…I think we all got the history bug from my mom…my son through me.
      As a woman I agree with your history teacher…and we were lucky to be born in the “Western World” too.

      • Yes, that’s for sure! It’s fascinating to me how “disciplines” or areas of interest run in families too; I come from a family of teachers and psychologists, and antique lovers to boot. Neither Personality Psychologists nor Geneticists have quite figured out the “nature” part of the nature-nurture equation there yet. I love it that there are still open questions out there, in this time of science and reason.

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