A Sunday Walk: Lecce (Italy)

This will be a short walk this morning…we were going around Puglia a bit back and we drove into Lecce.  I’d been there years before, and the area I’d visited was actually on the outskirts of town, so I never got to see the main square (Piazza St. Oronzo).  Here we’ll walk around the center of town.

We left Putignano in the province of Bari…behind a boat!

The Boat

We parked and then went walking into the center of town…Piazza St. Oronzo…there was a lot of renovation going on, but even the places they were renovating took on an original look (even if a bit commercial) with their drapes hiding the work underneath!  We also go a great look at the amphitheater, which is just off-center of the square.

Piazza S. OronzoPiazza St. Oronzo diff. ViewAmphitheaterAmphitheater detailAmphitheater - a showThere’s actually quite a few cafès in the square and even…alas…a McDonald’s!  We had a little breakfast, than just roamed around the nearest alleys:

AlleyWalkingThe ChurchThese last two photos are always from the back alley…one is an entrance…to a church (if I remember correctly) under renovation (I cut out the construction site) and a plant:

EntranceThe Plant

Hoped you like our walk!  Have a nice Sunday.

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