Photography: My oldest companions

This Week’s Photo Challenge from the Daily Post people is interesting:

Companion. Yours may not be covered in fur like mine (AKA Chester J. Lampwick) but you have one — or more.

You might think “companion” refers to a person with whom you share experiences, but the definition is much broader:

  • Aperson who is frequently in the company of, associates with, or accompanies another.
  • A mate or match for something.
  • A handbook or guide.
  • A member of the lowest rank in an order of knighthood.

My companions since I can remember have been, books!  Oh, I’ve had pets and am surrounded by loving friends and family…but I’m also surrounded by my oldest friends!

booksBooks and BuddahYes, More BooksI even have books on the windowsill!

Window!Not all the books around my house are mine..some come from the library!

Library BooksAnd Bastet is surrounded by books too!

Bastet and BooksTo conclude, here are a few old companions:

Old Companions

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17 thoughts on “Photography: My oldest companions

  1. A friend’s daughter was visiting from America, and I was mourning the books left behind when we moved to England. Most of my current books have a virtual life on various electronica. She observed that she learns so much about people by the books they keep around, but noted that it’s so much more difficult now that we get them in digital form. It’s like being blind to an important feature of a new friend’s personality.

    • Funny…as I was taking these photos I had a similar thought…that in some way I was showing all intimate parts of myself. I too have a large electronic library…but through out the years and although I’ve travelled a lot…I just keep replacing what I’ve had to leave with newer editions. 🙂 Your friend’s daugher is right…in every way.

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  6. I’m always happy to see someone else with lots of books. I have a Kindle and am collecting books on it. It’s the perfect supplement to the physical books I so cherish. I love being able to carry so many books with me easily but I also love to sit down with a book in my hands. I thought of doing books as well, after I’d posted my picture of Sunday and me, but decided I’d just do the one post.


    • I love books and when I travel I find it easier to take the e-books along with me in my netbook. At home sometimes I read them, but basically, I find it easier to curl around a paper book! 🙂
      Maybe, next Tuesday you’d honor me with some photos on the We Drink Photo Challenge…I haven’t created the new one yet…who knows, you might find it interesting!


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