Free Verse: Embracing – The Dance


Summer sun shone brightly

that day upon the couple:

he in his green livery

was so handsome and bold

that she blushed to see him riding near

upon the whispering wind.

Nearer came he to her

and asked her for a dance

and as the bees and birds sang

they embraced at last!

She entwined her loving arms about him

he guided her straight and true

and thus as they embraced

they danced the whole day through.

At last the sun hid

his happy face,

the bees and birds were quiet

yet the couple danced

for yet awhile

under the loving moon.


These lovely photographs are from today’s post by Jerry at Keeping My Eye On The Sparrow and also here.

3 thoughts on “Free Verse: Embracing – The Dance

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