W.P. Photo Challenge – Through My Eyes – Road Trip

World Through My Eyes: Weekly Photo Challenge:

A road is one thing in the United States but something quite different in Italy!  If you go to Trentino, you’ll find the roads outside of the turnpike are two lanes and some of the mountain roads are a lane and a half!  But then our cars are usually smaller than what the American’s drive.

On Sunday we went to visit with a friend of ours in the country.  He grows among other things cherries.

We left Arco going towards Trento and we found ourselves behind a beautiful Ferrari driven by a German tourist!FerrariThe scenery is beautiful…HillsideBikersWe got near our friends “plantation” and thought we’d just drive on in!

into the woodsThese dirt roads have suffered a lot due to all the rain we’ve had over the last few months and with tractors that use them…I’ll just let you imagine what we came up against…I’ll just say we heard some very vicious banging sounds from under the car!

bad roadsdirt roadIn the woodsAfter the hurley-burley ride…we finally got to where the cherries grow…our brave little red Panda survived the trip…but we decided that the next time, we’ll walk in or use a tractor!

PandaCherriesHave a great day everybody!

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25 thoughts on “W.P. Photo Challenge – Through My Eyes – Road Trip

    • It was hot, but then clouded up in the afternoon…it started raining in the evening! 🙂 Shainbird…are you going to give a go with a photo on the We Drink challenge? Love to see what you come up with!

      • Well, I think you’re talking about the We Drink Photo Challenge…It’s a weekly Challenge from Tuesday to Tuesday…Bastet participates on two Challenges now…this one is the W.P. Challenge is on Friday and now on the We Drink Photo Challenge on Tuesday! I like the idea of being able to post to two different challenges! 🙂

  1. Beautiful series of photos of your Road Trip – The One I like best is number 4 from the top – a walk through that path is peacefully 🙂 Thank you for your Ping

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