Photo Chronicle -1387 Padova: The Blades of the Count

Croniche CarraresiLast week-end at this very hour I was in Padova, getting ready to go to The Arena Gardens in Padova for the second day running!  I was fortunate enough to have some contacts through the fencing club:  The “ Lame del Conte ” a medieval club dedicated to the preservation of the historical accuracy of fencing techniques from the 14th – 15th century (the link will take you to their site where you can see some interesting photos, it’s in Italian though, they can also be found on the Facebook). They also re-create scenes from that historical period, unfortunately here in Padova this was not possible…must I then go to Bolzano in August to see them at their best?

My son has been one of the 31 members of the club for the last year, but this is the first time I went to see one of their re-enactments.  In the winter they learn and practice fencing skills from the 14th – 15th century; their uniforms, arms and clothes are recreated after meticulous research which has been done through museums and other places in order to be as authentic as possible. They auto-finance themselves through their summer re-enactments (the tents, tables, weapons, and transportation) and the individual members furnish their own costumes and sometimes arms.

There is quite a history behind this club, which has been in existence since 2009, but many of the members have come from former clubs and have been practicing their passion for many years.

I’ll try to put together for you in English a special piece dedicated to this club in the near future, but for now, we’ll let the photos, the thousand words, speak for us. So, for you ladies and gentlemen:  The Blades of the Count in Padova!

Making Camp_tentsMaking CampArmsLances and PikesThe Camp is ready now we step back in time:

BeforeAfterDressing in Armor

getting dressedMomo!ArmoredBattle soonThe wine stall:

Mulled WineSelling WineFrom FacebookBefore the Parade:

In the treesThe Parade:


Parade_2Parade_3 Vec!Parade_4A pretty SmileFalconersSurfsFire breathers

Back at the camp the minstrels sang and the jesters jested and then that night (unfortunately at 11:00) there was the battle!minstrelsJestersThe Night Battle:

Battle_scene 1Battle Scene 2Battle scene 3A

The re-evocation was much more than the life of one group.  There were several different clubs present from all over Italy.  There were the entertainers, the shop keepers, as well as demonstrations of how to make candles and paper; not to speak of one the most wonderful sandwiches I’ve ever eaten made with a sort of chapatis made right on the spot in a wood fired oven, home-brewed beer and as dessert a pastry made with a filling of nuts and honey!

I have so very many more photos (and memories) but they’ll have to be published sometime in the future. I think I’ll have to make a gallery for you to see just the best of them!  Until then, have a pleasant Sunday!


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