The Sunday Walk: Alberobello (BA) – Italy

Alberobello is a small town in the southern Italian region of Puglia and is part of the Province of Bari.  It’s famous the world over for its ancient mode of building construction know as trulli, which are part of the UNESCO World Heritage sites list since 1996!

When you first arrive in Alberobello, you have to find somewhere to park:

parkingAlberobello from the modern part of the town looks just like any other sleepy southern Italian village…but there’s something to be sai about the roofing of the buildings near the “historical” center of town.

Here’s a detailed look at the roofing:

roofing details

roofingThe following is the first courtyard you come upon as you enter the older part of the town:

Casa LippolisThis house with its courtyard are not ancient so the sign says but gives us an idea what normal living courtyards must have been like.

about casa LippolisWe come to the stairs that lead us down to the historical city center, but first a poem by Pasolini about Alberobello’s Trulli…which I didn’t translate:

Pier Paolo PasoliniAnd here we are the steps that lead from the modern Alberobello to its past!

panoramaFrom AboveWe go down the steps and begin walking through Alberobello:

in townjust visitingsmall squarePub and shopsA row of housesWalking the streetsHere is the church at the center of the historical center…it has been beautifully reconstructed…there was to be a wedding that afternoon!

The Church We conclude our walk:


I hope you’ve had a nice walk with me through the trulli of Alberobello…next week, Padova!


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