Photography and a Free Verse: Bridges

Yesterday, I made a promise to “Baldy” one of my blogging buddies I said that I would go through my archives and pull out some of my bridges…for i seems we both love bridges and I have quite a few.

I also promised to tie them all together with a poem. He said that he would also write one for me. Is there anyone among you who wouldlike to choose a bridge and tell me a story or write me a rhyme?Β  Feel free to do so…I’d love to read what you have to say about bridges!


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From the day I was born

I’ve walked along many paths

changing my direction

crossing bridges

as they came my way.

Some of these bridges

rocked and swayed

and I feared that I would fall

andΒ  the end would be near.

Other’s led to beauty and delight

bringing me happiness and love

and then still othere were of

the pragmatic type

utilitarian but oh so necessary.

I think that life is a journey

from birth



down unknown paths

with unknown goals

until one day,

we’ll all eventually come

to the last bridge.


15 thoughts on “Photography and a Free Verse: Bridges

  1. I’m not much on poems as they leave me scratching my head somewhat. I like this poem however. The bridges if it were my first time to encounter them I’d still know exactly where they lead…a forward and exciting journey into the unknown. πŸ˜‰

  2. I love it! Wonderful post, pal. Now I have to keep my promise and write another poem about a bridge… I’ll get back to you real soon, Bastet. Thank you for this, the poem is great and the pictures are spectacular, you are on a roll with making my day a good one today, mon amis! πŸ™‚

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