Bolognano’s Church (Trentino, Italy)

I live in a village in Trentino-Alto Adige, at the very tip of Italy bordering with Austria and Switzerland.  Trentino (in fact most of Italy) in a cost saving manuever a few years back incorporated the smaller villages under one municipality…ours is Arco.  So you may see me write that I live in Arco near Lake Garda…and then talk about my living in a village…this is the explanation for what might seem a little confusing.

This morning though, I thought I’d show you the center of Bolognano.  Most Italian towns and villages have in their center, a church…ours is no different.

This is the first view you have of the town square:

The centerLet’s cross the street:

The lamp post front steps Bolognano's church frontWalking along the side of the church, going towards my house:

side of the church

The back of the church:

The back of the churchThanks for visiting!  Have a nice day!

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