Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above-Italy by Night and Day

The Weekly Photo Challenge this week is dedicated to looking from a new perspective: above.

So let me take you on a brief trip…through night into day.  Two different valleys in Italy one in Ariccia just south of Rome the another from Castel Beseno just south of Trento.

luce e ombra il centro

I love city lights at night and so I tried to capture some of its mystery one evening when I was visiting with my sons…

town center by night

Just below my terrace there is a small plaza with a church and a fountain…

the church

lights and fountain

Below the Vallericcia twinkled with colored lights:

valericcia by night

In another location far to the north, where I live, two shots from Castel Beseno:

the valley below

valley from the castle

Haiku: Italy

I see you every day

and forget my wonderment:

Italian beauty!

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29 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above-Italy by Night and Day

      • I hear you, definitely. I suppose I would feel differently if I were a professional photographer, but there is something quite exciting about an unexpected, but spectacular, shot like that. Ah! What am I talking about – I wish all my shots were spectacular 😉

      • Amen…I just like to try and grab interesting shots wherever I find them…go around with my poor little olympus in my bag and keep it at the ready…wonderfu times we’re living in…in the old days now, couldn’t do that unless you paid a fortune in film! For awhile we had a dark room…but only black and white…yes a great time to love photography…digital and software! But the surprising naturals take my breath away!

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  4. Italian beauty indeed. I love the warmth of light at night, but my favorite is “The Valley Below”.
    I think I’ll get some proscuitto and Prosecco now, relax and dream of Italy. 🙂


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