Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture – Artist Luciano Neri – A Photografic Exhibition

I’d planned this post last week for Sunday, so I thought I’d publish under the Weekly Photo Challenge this week dedicated to Culture.

One of most interesting techniques that I’ve ever seen was created by a Tuscan artist, Luciano Neri who’s lived for many years in Arco.  He began using this technique back in the 80s while living in Trento where he has had a well followed art exhibition.  They are compositions of objects and recycled material on glass. Unlike many other similar techniques, on wood and such these are elegant and ethereal.

The photographer (Adriano Frisanco) had the challenging task of rendering the ethereal quality of these compositions, while relaying the three dimensionality of the pictures themselves.Pda0014

Here was one of the more interesting tricks that Adrian used to render both the dimension of the piece and it’s transparency.  The second photograph features the shadow of the artist on his own creation.Pda0021Pda0022

Some of these pictures are really rather large.  This piece which the artist named “La Nutrice” (The Wet Nurse) is a 1 meter in diameter.


The following are two the artist’s favorite creations: the airplane


and the equilibrist.


I hope to post some of the artist’s fascinating works on mirrors…an even harder medium to photograph!

Have a great week!

19 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture – Artist Luciano Neri – A Photografic Exhibition

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  2. Yes…he has a great talent indeed and created his own technique…when you talk to him about his work, he’ll talk to you about creating movement, rhythm and “lightness” in his pictures. He looks for emptiness to express his ideas and will pass hours moving and removing pieces until he comes upon the right effect that he’s looking for!

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  6. people who insert more than 25 pingbacks in to their post are marked as spam by myself… because mostly I don’t pay any attention to the post nor the massive overflow of pingbacks… you are not helping yourself or any of the mentioned pages.

    • So sorry, I was transferring older challenges to a new blog site. If you want to spam me so be it, as soon as I get the new categories up I will be editing the post. sorry for your inconvience.

      • WordPress is nice enough for me to easily unspam you… I just get a bit touchy with pingbacks… because they are actually a cool tool that get’s overused by so many people (50 ping backs and more are just too much for a normal blog post in my opinion)

      • I do so agree. I hadn’t realized that I was actually going to go spamming people with all the old pingbacks. I still have some exports from challenges to do, but will get rid of the pingbacks and just link W.P. I appologize very much once again for having dumped on you like that.

  7. a cool feature artist – it is nice when we can see recycle being used into images of art. on a side note about ping backs…if i include a ping back, i always review the post pending to be mentioned and try to comment. at least one knows what is attached to their own post. i agree with Picture-Bandit, if someone has over 50 ping backs listed, sure enough the person did not take the time to look at all of them. but then again, i also believe every blogger is different and have their own ways. so it is cool if they choose to list many – thanks for the mention. 🙂

  8. I got puzzled by the pingbacks too – I don’t bother with them much at all as there is so much out there to look at already, or, so much out the door away from the screen, that I am well occupied most of my time. Hoever, every so often, something new arrives, like this art on glass, and the care and skill you used to show it to us. Thanks

    • So sorry for the flood! i’m happy though that you enjoyed the post, I’m afraid my earlier posts had lots of pingbacks, thought that’s how you were supposed to do them. Thanks for you patience

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